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Why Work With Us?

Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

" I give my highest recommendation to Pinnacle Residential Properties.  For the purchase of my home they were instrumental in helping me with the negotiations, giving me sound guidance on pricing, negotiating the outstanding items on the inspection, and ultimately in the closing of the property. It was the first property I had purchased as a single woman, and Pinnacle tenaciously protected my interests in the dealings with the other broker and the owner.

Over the last 20 years, I have purchased and sold multiple properties.  The process can be exciting and challenging at the same time. Having Pinnacle as our broker to represent us, one with the utmost integrity, expertise, and dedication and commits to your satisfaction, has made the process a true pleasure. I will only use Pinnacle Residential Properties for all of my future transactions."

Peggy Joukowsky, Wellesley, MA

"For the sale of my home, I immediately called Pinnacle Residential Properties. They helped me to put my house on the market within a week, and to set the price fairly and reasonably. Their expertise paid off in a big way-I was sent a potential buyer over the day of the open house who ultimately purchased my home for 99% of asking within 48 hours. I couldn't have been happier! …"

Dan Hoover, Wellesley, MA

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Pinnacle's agents for their diligent efforts selling that property I had in my estate case. I truly believe that the effort they displayed paid off when they got the buyers to agree to pay $3.3MM.  Never did I think that the property would fetch that amount of money. I cannot thank my Pinnacle agents enough for their guidance, time and unfettered availability to get that property closed.  Any future sales in and around Wellesley will come directly to you!"

Marty Kane, Esq, McGrath and Kane

"We are so thankful that we were able to work with Pinnacle Residential Properties in the recent purchase of our home in Wellesley! Our home buying process was long and complicated due to the fact that we were looking to purchase a house in Wellesley while trying to sell a home in another state. Our Pinnacle agents were on top of everything from the moment we started working together. Their knowledge of the Wellesley market is extensive….. What really sets them apart from other realtors we have worked with is their attention to detail…. They were expert negotiators and were able to get us under contract the first day it was on the market. Our Pinnacle agents were such a pleasure to work with and were always available to answer any questions…. We can't recommend them highly enough!"

Christina and Andy, Wellesley

"Our Pinnacle agents represented us with the highest level of expertise, knowledge, and professionalism. Their attention to detail and their passion for excellence is unmatched. The only negative is that we relocated to a new state and will be unable to work with this talented team on our next home sale!"

Greg and Cheryl, Wellesley

"… Working with our Pinnacle Properties' agent made selling our home easy, and that is something my wife and I appreciated! Our agent was thoughtful and caring and she made sure all bases were covered and that every issue was taken care of.  In what is normally a stressful time, her professionalism and follow through on details made the whole process a calmer experience.  Together with Pinnacle's market knowledge and marketing as well as web support, our agent was able to find qualified buyers quickly for our home. Moreover, after a thorough search, she located our new home with ease as well. If you need real estate services, we couldn't recommend her and Pinnacle more wholeheartedly."

Larry and Nancy Perkins

"When we were looking to purchase an older home in Wellesley, our Pinnacle Realtor demonstrated a wealth of knowledge in the home buying process.  Her attention to detail in all aspects of the transaction was second to none, and we trusted her completely to help us to negotiate a fair price.  She was an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Shelley & Jay McHale

"Our Pinnacle agent was so incredibly amazing during the buying process. The whole process of finding our dream home could not have been easier or more pleasant. Our agent's extensive experience was evident throughout all of our dealings with her.  We are so happy that we used her as our real estate agent, and are thrilled that she is now a neighbor and friend!"

The Willett Family

"We are so thankful that we were able to work with Pinnacle's agents in the recent purchase of our home in Wellesley! Our home buying process was long and complicated due to the fact that we were looking to purchase a house Wellesley while trying to sell a home in another state. The agents were on top of everything from the moment we started working together. Their knowledge of the Wellesley market is extensive and they were constantly updating us with listings in our price range, sometimes even before they hit the market. What really sets them apart from other realtors we have worked with is their attention to detail. Their due diligence uncovered issues with a couple of homes we were interested in purchasing and helped us avoid buying a house that would need costly fixes. When we finally found our dream home they were expert negotiators and were able get us under contract the first day it was on the market. They were such a pleasure to work with and were always available to answer any questions. Not only did they help us buy a home we love, but they also worked so hard to make the process less stressful for us. We can't recommend them highly enough!"


"… attention to detail, responsiveness, professionalism and sound local knowledge. Our Pinnacle Realtor's advice was always on target and we were the beneficiaries of your experience and sound judgment!”"

C. Collins, Wellesley, MA

"… Thank you for your patience during the home buying process - we know we wouldn't be homeowners in Wellesley without it! We are thankful for your help and will never forget the care you gave us during this transition. Thank you!!"

Heather and Sam Schaefer, Wellesley, MA

"… Our Pinnacle agent was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her unconditionally. She was extremely patient, always on time, and provided detailed, accurate information ..."

Jennifer and Rob Edwards, Needham, MA

"… Selling my home in a challenging market was made so much easier with our Pinnacle Realtor's knowledge and expertise. Pinnacle Properties, along with our agent, has their finger on the pulse of the Metro-West real estate market. They are realistic and honest, and truly have their client's best interest at heart. I would highly recommend our Pinnacle Realtor to any potential buyer or seller.""

Shelley Redstone, Needham, MA

" Our Pinnacle agent did a wonderful job selling our home! She stuck with us through every twist and turn of the process. We especially appreciated her knowledge of the market, her straightforward manner, and her promptness. Our real estate attorney noted what a pleasure it is to work with Pinnacle. Their wise counsel enabled us to sign an agreement within hours of the open house."

Elaine Mittell, Wellesley, MA

"… attention to detail, responsiveness, professionalism and sound local knowledge. Our Pinnacle Realtor's advice was always on target and we were the beneficiaries of your experience and sound judgment!"

Doug Poutasse, Wellesley, MA

"… Thanks to our Pinnacle agent, selling my Dad's house for his estate proved easier than I ever imagined ; She was a fantastic advisor and helped with every aspect of the process, from getting the house ready (after 55 years of it being home to our family of seven children) to navigating some challenging situations with our Buyers. She was a pleasure to work with and her practical attitude and professionalism were unsurpassed; I don't know what I would have done without Pinnacle!"

Chris Carsman, Wellesley, MA

" After nine months and nothing with a previous agency, my Pinnacle agent sold my house in a flash. This woman is one heck of an agent! Professionalism, class, and sophistication - this is ... in a nutshell. She has been an absolute joy to know.”

Robert Dickson, North Carolina via Wellesley, MA

" We just wanted to thank you for all your expertise, time and patience. We always knew we were in such good hands and this really gave us peace of mind."

Dorren and Mike Sze, Wellesley, MA

" Our Pinnacle Realtor is an exceptional real estate broker, possessing a rare combination of abilities.…particularly in facilitating, solving problems and getting around selling barriers."

V. Foley, Wellesley, MA

" Our Pinnacle Realtor worked incredibly hard to find us our dream house and help find the resources to complete it, understood exactly what we were looking for and identified only those few properties that fit our unique parameters. On top of that, we made a wonderful friend!"

B. Stedman, Wellesley, MA

" We would never use another agent other than our Pinnacle broker. She is smart, savvy and always professional. She knows Needham and its surrounding areas extremely well, including the schools, demographics and all the little ins and outs which make each town unique. We truly appreciate her hard work, generosity with her time and most of all her honesty and fine integrity. We feel privileged to have had her as our broker."

John and Laura Goodgame, Needham, MA

" For every step of the selling process, our Pinnacle agents went above and beyond. They were instrumental in preparing our house for showings. They cover each other seamlessly and always found a way to work through all the issues that arose. Their enthusiasm and support make a huge difference in the overall experience. We highly recommend them to anyone.”

Leila and Herb Hooper, Weston, MA

" It is great to be working with Realtors who grew up and live in the area in which they work….they knew the community inside and out and knew the market…”

Caterina and Dan Schwinn, Weston, MA

" Our Pinnacle brokers were all the things that we needed when we set out to find our new home; patient with our process, insightful about the market, and effective in negotiating the deal that we needed. They helped us understand the current market and explained the option that we would have available to us as we began our search. As our partner in this search, they walked the fine line between business savvy professionalism and a sensitivity to the very personal nature of our decision. They made us a better buyer and we are forever grateful.”

Sarah and Eric Svenson, Weston, MA

" If you EVER need to buy or sell a house, my broker from Pinnacle is the absolute best broker. The integrity in which she handles herself is impeccable."

Laura Urell, Weston, MA

" I give the highest praise and recommendation to the real estate professionals at Pinnacle Residential Properties. I have given unconditional references to many friends and acquaintances who find themselves involved now or in the future with real estate transactions. There are three elements that are important to me in any professional, but particularly in a real estate professional. Those elements are honesty, knowledge, and persistence on my behalf."

"Pinnacle and Elaine, in particular, helped us with pricing, timing, and expectations. It didn’t hurt that Elaine is often quoted in the news as an expert on real estate in the western suburbs and publishes trends and activity reports in the Wellesley Townsman. She is well known as thoroughly honest, informed and identified as the leader in residential sales in the area."

"Knowledge is a given with Elaine and her staff. These are accomplished professionals with proven track records. They ask the right questions, gather the best comparables to create the most favorable environment for their client, be it seller or buyer. These people are easy to recommend."

"Finally, persistence is a trademark of the Pinnacle team. A little story about after Elaine Bannigan sold our house (we were downsizing) and she took us to search for a condominium. We went to an area to see a number of units. Nearby there was a "for sale by owner" sign. Elaine said we should see that one, too. Upon viewing all the units and noting that the condo sold by owner was the same and at a much lower price, Elaine was persistent in helping us to secure it quickly. All I needed to make an offer was a check, which of course I was without. Elaine felt it was such a great buy for us and, always prepared, wrote the check for me to bind the "for sale by owner" condo (of course I paid her back!)."

"This real estate firm treats the client as a friend and looks to do what is necessary to make the arrangement work well for all parties. They are a win/win organization which I will continue to refer to all I know are in need of a Pinnacle real estate experience."

Mark Mullaney, Wayland, MA

“Not only did our Pinnacle agent find us our dream house, but she facilitated a very fast closing. The process went smoothly from start to finish, thanks to our Pinnacle agent.”  

Sharon and Gary Greenstein, Needham, MA

“…We could not have chosen more wisely…. People with licenses to sell real estate are a dime a dozen; true professionals are one in a million."

Robert Phifer, Wellesley, MA

“My Pinnacle agent is an outstanding agent who really cares and is long on follow up.”

Gordon Wisbach, Weston , MA

 "With a deluge of real estate agencies after us we chose wisely. There were plenty of 'sticky' and important issues requiring prompt, wise decisions and every single issue was handled calmly, competently, tactfully and completely. Our Pinnacle agent was always available to answer questions and to check the house - a relief to us living 50 minutes from Wellesley. A 'gem' as a person and professional - It was a comfort, pleasure and fun."

P. Parsons, Duxbury, MA

"Just a follow-up note to you about how much Mom and I appreciate all that Pinnacle did to make the sale of her home in Wellesley go so smoothly and quickly. I feel fortunate to have found Pinnacle because not only were you all very professional, but went above and beyond with helping to do some staging, arranging for the removal of large appliances from the basement and accommodating my mother's schedule. It was very difficult for my mother to leave her home of 40+ years, her friends, her town. But you all were sensitive to that and helped us in any way you could. Thank you very much. I would highly recommend Pinnacle and you can quote me on that!"

J. Dombrosky, West Hartford, CT

“Our Pinnacle Realtor's knowledge, tenacity and business savvy helped us sell a difficult property during a down market and got us into our dream house that we had considered out of our grasp. It was truly a pleasure to work with her. There is no one better.”

Kevin and Emily Redmond, Wellesley, MA

“Our Pinnacle broker was both our buying and selling agent and delivered terrific service. She has outstanding knowledge of the market, and was always available at a moment’s notice.”

Tim and Brenda Huval, Wilmington, DE (via Wellesley)

“In my 30 years of buying and selling residential real estate, my Pinnacle agent is the most skillful Realtor that I have ever met when it comes to pricing and market timing. I would be happy to recommend her to anyone buying or selling real estate.”

Chris Knollmeyer, President, Knollmeyer Building Corp., Lincoln, MA

"We realize that without your assistance we would not be living in our dream house. We so much appreciate all you did for us during the negotiations. We could not have found a better Realtor and will always think of you fondly.”

Mark and Mary Archer, Bedford, MA

”Our Pinnacle agent was our buying and selling agent in Wellesley and delivered outstanding service with our best interest in mind. Her knowledge of the market, commitment to do the right thing and warm personality differentiate her from the competition.”

Bill and Carol Lorenz, London UK via Wellesley, MA

“After nine months and nothing with a previous agency, my Pinnacle agent sold my house in a flash. This woman is one heck of an agent! Professionalism, class and sophistication - this is ... in a nutshell. She has been an absolute joy to know.”

Robert Dickson, North Carolina via Wellesley, MA

“Our Pinnacle agent is a consummate professional. We listed our house in a very difficult market. She has an incredible work ethic and with her advice we were able to successfully sell our home for a reasonable price when others could not.”

Ed and Sheryl Peters, Pasadena, CA via Concord, MA

“Working with our Pinnacle broker was a breeze. Her knowledge of the real estate market combined with her business background and strong “people” skills made me feel like I was getting the best representation during my home search. I felt like she was always listening to me, giving her input, and readily available to answer any questions or concerns, or to find out additional information for me. In a profession where there is a lot of competition, she is one of the best. She is a consummate professional and a patient confidante.  She is second to none!”

Tracy Mayo, Wellesley, MA

“Our Pinnacle agent delivers top-notch service by combining her wealth of market experience with a true commitment to her clients. She understands her clients' individual needs and works to negotiate the best deal on their behalf. She has a great work ethic and is truly a pleasure to work with - always approaching each situation with a positive attitude and a smile.”

Patty Sins, Weston, MA

“Our Pinnacle broker was terrific throughout our home buying experience from beginning to end. Starting with 6-hour days spent in the car with my wife and 4-month old, through the bidding, negotiation and inspection process, all the way to close, Shea was always patient, thoughtful, and a terrific listener. Most importantly, she was focused entirely on our needs, taking as much time as we needed and allowing us to come to our own conclusions. She is intellectually curious, always looking for more information and following up beyond expectations. I can’t recommend her strongly enough.”

Michael Pelzar, Weston, MA

“Having worked with many brokers in different cities, we found our Pinnacle agent to be extraordinarily professional and the best we have ever met. Her approach is comprehensive and analytical. She listens, and she is exceptionally personable and understanding. she balances the emotional aspects of home sales and purchases with superb attention to technical details and professional integrity. That combination is unmistakably rare in the most difficult of businesses. She also sold our home, and we learned of her expertise in marketing. She was absolutely superb in bringing in the best professionals in home plans, brochure development, newspaper targeting, photography and web-based broadcasting. she has an artistic eye to make the best of dimensions and presentations. Our Pinnacle Realtor is a phenomenal broker who is backed by her wealth of knowledge in business. With her MBA from one of the best graduate schools, she adapted her knowledge to real defined and quantifiable differences in her work ethic and performance. Her professionalism is unparalleled. She is recommended with the highest of marks.”

Sara and Dicken Ko, Weston, MA

“Having been in the real estate business myself for 7 years, I had insider knowledge, contacts and experience to which few consumers are privy. So when it came to finding the right home for my wife and me, I knew exactly whom I wanted to have work for us on our behalf. Our Pinnacle agent has a reputation for honesty and integrity. Coupled with a glowing personality and extensive experience, I believe her to be the best broker in Boston. Not only was she available at a moment's notice to show us a home, her experience in negotiation helped us to buy the perfect home at the right price. I cannot say enough about what an incredible person and Realtor she is, and I know my wife and I will continue to use her throughout our home buying lives. Thanks for all your help!”

Andrew Gates, Jamaica Plain, MA

“Working with our Pinnacle agent was a pleasure. She gave us great advice about the area, but most importantly, listened carefully to our criteria. She kept us on track throughout our search and helped us find the home that was most suitable for our young family. Once we moved in, she went the extra mile to make us feel at home in our new town.”

Amy and Dan Ford, Dover, MA

“Our Pinnacle Realtor is terrific! Not only is she extremely knowledgeable about real estate and this area, but also really listens and cares. She hears what you want and need and finds a match. She is also really really smart and tons of fun to be with... the time spent looking for houses with her is fun and productive! I recommend her highly.”

Katherine White, Dover, MA

“My husband and I both work full-time and we have two young children, so buying a house can be a rather stressful and unpleasant experience. This is our 3rd home, and in the past we've worked with realtors who were either a bit pushy for our taste, or who didn't provide enough direction (leaving all of the hard work of evaluating towns and neighborhoods to us). Our Pinnacle agent was an absolute pleasure to work with and I would recommend her unconditionally to anyone interested in purchasing a home in the area. She was extremely patient, always on time, and provided detailed, accurate information without being pushy. She gave us her expert opinion whenever we asked, which was often. I'd also add that she is a delightful person with an excellent sense of humor (which I suspect comes in handy in her line of work). She showed us houses from Lexington down to Westwood, and we wound up finding a place that we love in Needham. I attribute a lot of our success in finding a wonderful home to our Pinnacle agent, who made the whole process a great deal more enjoyable and rewarding than we ever could have expected.”  

Jennifer and Rob Edwards, Needham, MA

“Our Pinnacle agent is amazing. She knows the area and the real estate market extremely well, and spent lots of time patiently educating us, and more importantly, allowing us to educate ourselves by seeing lots and lots of houses over the course of many months. When we finally bought our house, we were very comfortable that it was the right decision for us. Throughout the process, she was the one person we could always count on to give us good advice and the straight story. We would recommend her to anyone, without hesitation.”

Monica and Jordan Franceshini, Wellesley, MA

“We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your help and advice during the search and purchase process. We don't need to tell you that we began by just casually looking at potentially buying a new home and we knew that your time could have been spent more productively with serious buyers. That said, you could have not been more helpful to us. You were always available, very knowledgeable about the real estate market and the community, and extraordinarily patient with us as we tried to figure out just what we wanted. It was a pleasure to visit the tens and tens of houses with you even though we decided not to buy any of them because of your always friendly demeanor and assistance in deciding whether a particular location was really going to meet our needs. When we finally found the house that would work for us, the purchase process was not the easiest but, once again, you made what could have been a very difficult negotiation run remarkably smoothly. You were a trusted part of our house hunting team and a true professional during the entire process. If we are ever asked to recommend a real estate professional in the area you will be top of mind. Thank you again for all your help.”

David and Stephanie Long, Dover, MA

“My husband and I had a wonderful experience purchasing our first house with the assistance of our Pinnacle agents. During our first meeting, they supplied us with a wealth of resources about the towns in which we were interested, and had an in-depth discussion with us about our priorities and preferences. They knew exactly what we were looking for, which was reflected in the houses they showed us. They made what could have been a painful hunting process in a tough market efficient and fun.” 

Kristina and John Alessi, Wellesley, MA

“Pinnacle agents give Realtors a good name! They are the only Realtors I would ever use again or recommend to anyone I know. They went above and beyond our expectations and thus single handedly closed a very difficult negotiation. They did this with creativity, calm and a very caring nature that made working with them a complete pleasure.” 

Debby Sabin, Lincoln, MA

“Our Pinnacle agents were the perfect real estate team for my family. They are completely familiar with what Wellesley offers children of different ages. In addition, they showed us houses that reflected that they clearly understood what my husband and I were looking for in a home. Their teamship made us feel they were available ‘24/7’ to help us. I recommend them highly.” 

Sue Edbril, Ph.D Wellesley, MA

“Our Pinnacle agents are such a great team. If one wasn’t available on a moment’s notice, the other was.  They only showed us homes they knew we would be interested in. With their advice and guidance we got the house we wanted at the price we wanted to pay.”

Lee and Kevin Duvall, Wellesley, MA

“Working with our Pinnacle broker was such a pleasure. We’ve worked with numerous brokers, but what made them different was their sincere interest in understanding what we wanted and finding the right home for us. We never once felt that they were just trying to close the deal and move to the next client. Since they have both lived in town for many years, we felt that they really understood the community, described details of specific neighborhoods and were able to connect us to some great service providers, which made the transition to our new home smooth and fun!”

Mark and Cara Lorion, Wellesley, MA

"Without question, our Pinnacle agent and her colleagues at Pinnacle Properties possess a keen understanding of the real estate market in and around Wellesley. She completely understood our relocation needs and was also extremely flexible with regard to our schedule and time table. Most importantly though, she always had a warm smile and friendly demeanor. It was a pleasure working with her and we highly recommend Pinnacle Properties!"

Jane and Steve Caldeira, Wellesley, MA

"My Pinnacle Realtor offered the most helpful and efficient service of any broker I spoke to during my home search in the Boston area."

Mark Vincent, CFA

“As a seller/builder in Needham, my Pinnacle agent was indispensable in helping me bring my product to market. From start to finish, her realistic views on pricing my property in the current market and Pinnacle's innovative internet marketing tools helped me sell my home in a timely manner. She was always honest, business-like and a pleasure to work with. I regularly recommend her.”

Scott Hefter, Harbinger Homes

"Buying a house in Wellesley while living in London seemed like a difficult process to us but our Pinnacle agent made it not only easy but fun. She provided us with detailed information on a selection of houses that matched our criteria, including personally measuring the walking distance time to the train station!

When I arrived in Wellesley to view houses, the trip was perfectly organized by our Pinnacle broker. Within two days we made an offer on the perfect home, and flew back to London. She professionally handled all components of the transaction, keeping us fully informed on the status of our purchase and providing all the documentation needed to remotely complete the transaction. She is an outstanding real estate professional. Her honesty, sense of humor and sound advice guided us effortlessly."

Marsha Lansman, Wellesley, MA

"Our Pinnacle broker was absolutely tireless in her efforts to research properties, neighborhoods and schools. No question was left unanswered. We felt very fortunate to have her insight, and since she is an active member of the town with children in the school system, we felt confident that she had experience with every aspect of the town."

Drs. Ann and John Meara, Wellesley, MA

"Our Pinnacle agent was absolutely wonderful and I recommend her without reservation. She knows Wellesley, she knows real estate, and she is very effective on both sides of a transaction. She helped us find the perfect new home, and helped us sell our old home more quickly than we thought possible. Her good humor, constant availability, and help through all aspects of the move were much appreciated."

Jane Amara, Wellesley, MA

"We just wanted to thank you for all your expertise, time and patience. We always knew we were in such good hands and this really gave us peace of mind." 

Doreen and Mike Sze, Wellesley, MA

“Our Pinnacle Realtor was a true partner in our efforts to sell our home in Wellesley, and, after 30 years, help realize our dream to relocate to Cape Cod. Initially, She and Pinnacle astutely advised us to not overprice our house, and instead, seek a realistic market price. To that end, our agent used her expertise to help stage our house to maximize its value. As a result, our house sold in three weeks. Selling a house can be a stressful experience. she was a consummate professional and a consistently calming influence, who provided expert advice that helped ease our anxieties. Our Pinnacle Realtor is a terrific broker, and equally important, a quality, caring person, who can be counted on to steer a real estate transaction to a successful conclusion. We treasured our successful working experience with her and highly recommend her and Pinnacle Properties to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in the Wellesley/Needham area.”

Skip and Linda McCormack, Wellesley, MA

“Our Pinnacle Realtor was great to work with! We were relocating from New York and had some unique challenges to deal with. She was patient and understanding, but most important, she knew just what we wanted immediately and didn’t waste our time showing us properties that were wrong for us. We congratulate her on being a top performer. It’s certainly no surprise.”

Lisa and Charles Lee, Newton, MA

“We’d like to thank our Pinnacle brokers for helping us find a home that fit our three most important criteria: we love the physical attributes of the house – inside and out, it’s in a terrific location, and it was available at the right price for us. As first time home buyers, we valued the approach they took to make us better informed on our prospective choices of communities. For instance, within the first week of working with the team, they not only provided us with reams of data on each town but also spent houses driving us around, pointing out the various neighborhoods and relaying useful tidbits of insider knowledge. They were professional, courteous, and responsive to our needs throughout the entire process. The team has a wealth of knowledge on the sales process itself as well as access to scores of useful contacts. Finally, as frustrating as buying a home can be, working with our brokers was an enjoyable experience – their positive attitude keeps it upbeat and fun.”

Melissa Oczkowski and Daniel Sciortino, Wellesley, MA

“We had a terrific experience working with our Pinnacle brokers. They worked diligently to find the right house at the right price for our family. During the process of looking and eventually purchasing a house through them, we found their recommendations to be helpful and pointed to our specific needs.

Being first-time home buyers we had many questions and concerns. Our agents were patient, clear and kept us well informed of procedures regarding the eventual purchase of our home. Additionally, following our move to Wellesley, they have been incredibly helpful in sharing information about town resources and their own experiences within the community. We’ve found their advice regarding schools, restaurants, recreation, and community offerings to be quite invaluable to our experience as new residents.” 

Crystalle Lacouture and Scott Stedman, Wellesley, MA

“Our Pinnacle agents were wonderful to work with throughout our search for a new home. They took the time to get to know us as people and understand our needs as a young family moving from the city to a new town in the suburbs. After a long search process, they found us the perfect home the day before the property was listed. They assisted us with the purchasing process and made it as easy as possible for us to close on our new home and move in before our daughter was born. The combination of their personal approach and professional expertise and access to the market made it a great experience for us."

Erin and Greg Devine, Wellesley, MA




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