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Revamping Your Outdoor Areas After Winter- Wellesley Spring is Here!

Written by Dede Long of Pinnacle Residential Properties

Following a long and cool winter spent huddling indoors, what is better than to start dreaming about spending COVID friendly days outdoors in the sun? Your outdoor areas are going to be blessed with warm afternoons and lighter evenings as we move into the beautiful Wellesley spring and summer.

With all the snow and rain that winter brings, your patio or decking areas might be needing some extra love and care to bring them up to standard for the warmer months. They don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing!

Let’s explore how to refurbish and give some extra character to your outdoor areas after winter.  Since we are all spending some more time at home than usual, it is a more important year than ever to keep your yard looking fresh and inviting.

Start by cleaning, tidying and laying the foundations for improvements.

The first thing you should do after a long winter away from your outdoor space is to give it a thorough power wash. Be sure to clear any leaves, twigs or dirt that have accumulated over the winter months. 

Also, focus on clearing your gutters and hard-to-reach spaces. The rainfall over winter is likely to have deposited plenty of sediment that needs washing away.

After this, you will have a clean and tidy space that is ready to be decorated for the spring.

Upgrade your outdoor furniture so it is weather resistant.

Despite the friendlier months ahead, your outdoor space is likely to face some rainy days and some days of pretty intense sun. Tables and chairs made of materials like teak or aluminum could be a wise investment, since they will last a while in the elements. 

If you’re feeling a little fancier, consider making your outdoor space even cozier with the addition of sun loungers, sofas or a full outdoor dining set.

Looking to make a cozy area for entertainment or al fresco dining?

If you are really looking to make a splash and upgrade your outdoor space for the warmer months, look no further than these accessories:

  • A fireplace to have crackling away on those long nights when you don’t ever feel like going back indoors.
  • Outdoor fairy lights to add some extra atmosphere to your outdoor entertainment or relaxation space.
  • A hot tub to enjoy on those cooler nights. Soak your muscles after an active day of gardening and look up at the stars!
  • Outdoor cushions to add another level of comfort to your outdoor arrangements.

Don’t forget to protect your outdoor furniture for the next winter.

Prepare for snow and ice by treating any wooden decking with a waterproof sealant before winter rolls around. Also, use the fall season to prepare your outdoor space for winter by clearing away any fallen leaves or branches. 

An important note: fill in any cracks in your patio before winter, because if water freezes inside the cracks they will expand and become worse during spring.

Always remember to gather any outdoor furniture after summer and give it a clean. Store it somewhere where it can be shielded from the winter, such as a shed or basement. 

We have come a long way to make it to Spring, and it's time to return to normal by getting back outside to take in all the New England nature has to offer.  Enjoy!

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, or just get some advice about how to make your home more inviting this Spring, give Pinnacle a call.  We are here for you!

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