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8 Organizing Tips to Make Your Mudroom Into a Stylish Foyer

8 Organizing Tips to Make Your Mudroom Into a Stylish Foyer


If your entryway or mudroom is a huge eyesore when you first walk in the door, you may want to consider reorganizing it to fit the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Keep reading for some simple decorating and organizing hacks that will boost the style and utility of your entryway.

Cubbies (with doors)

Lots of people, whether or not they have kids, install cubbies to help keep things organized. Each person in the family gets his or her own cubby, typically installed against a wall, where each can house shoes, jackets, hats, etc. While most homes have open cubbies that expose the contents, it’s advisable to install doors so that when the cubbies get messy, you can simply close the door and hide the clutter. 

Install a unique overhead light for style that won’t take up extra room

A major reason why entryways stand out from the rest of the house is that they lack style. Don’t treat your mudroom only as a utility room. Make sure to add touches of style so that it fits with the rest of your home. Mount a unique overhead light that will brighten up the space and add a touch of flair. A ceiling light is a great idea because it won’t take up any extra space.

Hang a mirror to create the illusion of more space

A great way to create the illusion of more space is with a mirror. Find a rather large one, if you can – preferably one that takes up one entire wall. If you can find a mirror with an interesting frame that fits your personal style, all the better. A large mirror will make your entryway seem more spacious as well as stylish. 

Install durable flooring that goes with the rest of your home

No matter how much you jazz up this room, a mudroom should still be used for its main purpose: as a place to shed your outdoor gear and store items. That being said, you want to pick a flooring that is durable but flows with the rest of your home. Stone, slate and tile are all sturdy materials that come in a variety of colors that make it easy to match the aesthetic of the rest of your home. 

Hanging files for kids’ school papers and everyone’s mail

If you have a large family, this tip is especially important. Mail and school papers can get out of control, not to mention lost, if you don’t have the right filing system. Hang individual metal file boxes on the wall for each member of the family. When members of your family come home, they can place any loose paper or mail in their personal file.  

Build a hidden shoe rack 

No mudroom is complete without a shoe rack, but it can often be a breeding place for mess and clutter. Similar to the cubby door trick, install a shoe rack and a sliding door at the bottom of the cubbies. That way, when guests come over, you can close off the mess easily. 

Protect your walls with wainscoting

If you’re worried about the walls in your entryway getting damaged by kids or pets, installing wainscoting is a great protective measure. It’s a little more labor-intensive and time-consuming than the rest of these tips, but it can save you from making constant repairs to your walls in the future. 

Make a style statement with hooks

A quick and easy way to add style to your mudroom or entryway is by mounting wall hooks that reflect your individual style. You could choose shabby-chic, whitewashed hooks or something more modern, like an industrial-style steel-and-wood-mounted hook. 

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