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This is an excellent market for many sellers. So why no sale for others? There are three basic reasons why properties don't sell:

Insufficient marketing. Is the property listed in the Multiple Listing Service? Is it packaged accurately? Are you making the property extremely accessible for showings?
Condition. The buying public is reluctant to purchase fixer-uppers unless they're a great buy. Poor condition either means investing some money into improving the market objections to the property or sufficiently discounting the asking price. Buyers expect more than a 1:1 return for doing the work themselves. Note: properties needing a great deal of work are almost never purchased by transferred executives. They demand "move-in condition."
Wrong Price. It is simply the single largest reason why properties don't sell. We've often repeated that overpricing almost always results in a sale price below fair market value - painful months after market introduction. The chance of the seller yielding fair market value grows increasingly smaller once a property becomes stale and the buyers ask "how long has this house been on the market?"

Sound depressing? It shouldn't - it's all remediable and not too late.

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