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‘Everything is cash’: Prince Harry and Meghan take Santa Barbara

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 10 hours 49 min ago
"If you have a turnkey home and it's vacant and has a pool, you're likely to see an all-cash deal and a 14-day close," Sotheby's Realtor Dusty Baker said.

Bidding wars get brutal as buyers chase dwindling supply

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 13 hours 48 min ago
Buyers in some markets are offering hundreds of thousands of dollars over asking prices — and still losing wars against dozens of other bidders.

Why aren’t more consumers adopting smart home tech?

USA Real Estate News-Inman - 13 hours 48 min ago
To many, smart home technology still feels unaffordable and complicated to set up. Why is that? And what are smart tech companies like Wyze doing to overcome those concerns? Scott Wilson, the senior director of product marketing at Wyze Labs, weighs in.
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