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Our Hometown: More to Like

Our Hometown: More to Like

Whether you’ve grown up in Wellesley or made the choice to live here, one thing all Wellesleyans share is a sense of pride in our hometown. It is quintessential New England, yet as cosmopolitan and modern as it is steeped in its unique and magnificent history. 

Daily drives along Wellesley’s beautiful streets and through the diverse neighborhoods make it easy to take for granted the impressive architectural balance and design of our town. The equilibrium of gorgeous new construction and classic, historic properties reflects the town’s personality, making it clear there more to like about Wellesley than meets the eye.

This time of year, Washington Street is lined with colorfully lit trees, many generously decorated by our neighbors, bringing to mind the freedoms of our country and why the street is so named.  President George Washington visited Wellesley on his New England Presidential tour in 1789, and the street and a stone marker on River Street along the Charles River commemorates that special occasion.  Traversing a road that a man as great as he was also traveled seems to make the holiday lights sparkle a little brighter.

Passing Warren Park after the recent snowfall, passers-by see giddy, tireless children sledding with friends and family. Knowing that site has housed a school or an institution of learning since President Washington’s second term in office seems to cast a sepia glow over the joyful scene. How many children must have had recess or played tag on those grounds over the years since President Washington led our nation?

Who doesn’t love to sit by the cozy fireplace in Caffe Nero warming their hands around a warm cup as a train whistle blows? The experience is enhanced when considering the coffee shop is housed in one of three historic Wellesley train stations- stations whose grounds were landscaped by the same man who designed the most famous park in the world- Central Park. Frederick Law Olmsted championed unrestricted access to the beauty of nature for all- a progressive notion in his day- and his talent is on display all over Wellesley. From our famed Wellesley College to our picturesque town hall, his presence remains. Surely Olmsted would be proud that the station he helped design in 1885 is still used as a gathering place just as he intended almost 135 years ago.

The holiday season is a time of reflection, both for the year that has passed and the one that lies ahead. We Welleslyans can add to the list our good fortune to live in such a quaint, thoughtfully planned and vibrant hometown where the past is alive and still true to her original vision. Perhaps it isn’t what is as readily known that gives Wellesley the magic we feel but don’t always know how to describe. Maybe what we feel comes from how Wellesley’s past remains the foundation of her present. Whatever the origin of the specialness of this place, one thing is certain: there is so much more to like about Wellesley.

From all of us at Pinnacle, may you and yours have a magical holiday season in our very special hometown.

Dede Long

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