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Seniors: Deciding When to Sell

One of the most difficult decisions to make is that which means leaving the home where you've raised your family, entertained your friends, decorated with your own personal style, created your garden, and established neighborhood relationships.  (Buyers, note: these are the reasons that selling a home is a much more emotional experience than buying one!) While many are content to remain in their homes throughout their retirement years, sometimes the appeal of streamlining and living a simpler life motivates us to sell.  Some of the things to consider are:

  •  Is the upkeep of your home becoming too challenging?
  •  Painting, reroofing, general maintenance, etc., are costly and it can be difficult to find qualified workmen.
  •  Is the size of the house manageable?
  •  Taxes, utilities and maintenance on space you no longer use or need can be wasteful of your resources.
  •  Too many stairs! 
  •  Cashing in on the substantial equity you've probably built can provide a good deal of security. 
  •  Friends have moved; neighbors have changed.  Sometimes remaining in your home after your neighbors have changed    (e.g., your area has a new influx of young families - gives you less opportunity for socialization than before).


Moving is a complex and difficult decision to make. You may want to consult with family, friends or clergy for help with this decision.  For a complimentary market analysis of the value of your property so that you can make a more informed decision from a financial perspective, please call Pinnacle at 781-237-5000.




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